Today it’s the turn of my blogging friend Jaye Marie.  Her books ‘The Ninth Life’, ‘The Broken Life’, and ‘The Last Life’ will be reduced in price until Christmas:

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The Ninth Life is the first in Jaye’s mystery series ‘Lives’.  It is a dark and disturbing mystery thriller of a middle-aged woman who has escaped dying so many times she would appear to have nine lives.
At least that’s what the annoying voice in her head would have her believe.
Always a bit of a loner, with a failed marriage and relationships behind her, Kate Devereau’s life has not been kind, and despite her apparent immortality, death might have been welcome.
Set in present day England, Kate’s reputation as an artist has grown, but she has no life other than art. No friends or husband.
When people around her start to die at the hands of a sadistic serial killer, she begins to wonder if she will be next.
Is she finally running out of time? Is it her turn to die?

In ‘The Last Life’, Kate Devereau wakes up in a hospital, unable to speak or move. Her brain has shut down, refusing to acknowledge her dark and disturbing past, concealing a web of painful secrets.
Michael Barratt brought her to the hospital, insisting that her ex-husband had tried to kill her. And from the state of him, had tried to kill him too. He had been searching for Kate for years, ever since their doomed love affair, only to discover someone else had been hunting her too.
With the help of the DI David Snow, Kate will gradually piece her life back together, only to discover the nightmare is far from over.
Her first instinct is to run, but David Snow convinces her to stay and help him put an end to the nightmare. A nightmare that will get progressively worse before it gets better.
Haunted by his own demons, will the Snowman manage to catch the twisted killer?
Evil lurks in this story and people die, but amidst the tears and heartache, a lost love struggles to survive…

In ‘The Broken Life’, DI David Snow has a killer to catch, a killer a mysterious as the crimes he commits. The killer seems to have a personal vendetta against Snow, but he is determined that no one else should die because of him.

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