This week’s theme focuses on which television programmes we would like to bring back from our childhood, and why.

I was a child in the 1960’s, when children tended to play outside rather than sit goggling at the box.  Our TV set was black and white, and we all took it in turns in the evenings to walk about with the aerial to try and obtain a better picture.  There were no programmes after about 10pm I think, when the National Anthem would be played and then a black dot would appear on the screen signifying the end of broadcasting for the day.

The television set was never turned on at all until after 6pm, a routine I have carried on into adulthood.  Mum always told me that no child needed to spend hours and hours watching mindless TV programmes, and now I’m older, I tend to agree with her!

However, there were a few programmes I was allowed to watch, mostly because my dad liked to watch them too.  Mum preferred to read, and would constantly complain as Dad and I tried to watch programmes like The Avengers and The ChampionsThe Avengers became my favourite programme, and my friends and I would spend much time outside in the street trying to throw each other over our shoulders, in the manner of Emma Peel and Tara King.  When I’ve seen The Avengers on TV nowadays, it seems very dated unfortunately, as does The Champions.

If we went out visiting relatives on a Sunday, Mum always had to be home for The Forsyte Saga.  Dad and I would play chess or draughts instead.  I preferred to watch Roger Moore in The Saint, or the pop programme Ready, Steady, Go!  We all used to laugh at Steptoe & Son and ‘Til Death Us Do Part (very un-PC!) though,  as we all had the same sense of humour.   We were also all agreed on the fact that Dr Who was the most inane programme on the planet.

Would I want to bring any of those programmes back?  The answer is a resounding ‘no’.  They had their day back in the 1960’s (although Dr Who is still going, I think), and now I cringe at the sight of them on SkyTV.  These were the programmes of my childhood, and my childhood ended rather a long time ago!  I still enjoy watching some of the programmes of my teenage years though if they’re on  Sky,  such as The Professionals, Starsky & Hutch, The Persuaders, Minder, Alias Smith & Jones, and The Sweeney.  These were all from the 1970’s, and seem to have stood the test of time rather better.

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