What a lovely story I read on the BBC News App last week.  It was all about 89 year old Joe Bartley, an ex-serviceman who had put an advertisement in his local newspaper to the effect that he was ‘dying of boredom’ at home and was seeking employment.  Joe’s wife Cassie had died two years before, and as far as Joe was concerned, he was lonely, wanted a job, and was sick of living in a kind of ‘solitary confinement’.

Joe was also interviewed for the 6 O’clock News on TV, where he was asked about which kind of work he could do.  The interviewer asked him whether for example he could be a fitness instructor.  Joe replied that he was too old for that much exercising, but he could do something a little more sedate.

Lo and behold, a job offer quickly came along for this pro-active pensioner.  Joe was offered work in the Cantina Kitchen and Bar in Paignton, Devon.  He would be clearing tables and helping with other tasks.  Joe is absolutely delighted to be given the chance to get out of the house and meet people again.

Joe may be 89, but he is healthy and still able to work, so why shouldn’t he if he wants to?  Good for him in doing something to enrich his life.  He’s gone out there and got what he wants.  It just goes to show us that even when we’re elderly,  life is still what we make it!

An update to this is that Joe now has to keep his shift patterns secret, otherwise the press and the public turn up in force and he cannot get any work done!