This week we’re talking about rainy day activities.


Us Brits are hardy souls, and a bit of rain doesn’t usually put us off.  If it rained when we were with our young sons on holiday many moons ago, we’d often sit on the beach in our macs and wellies if we’d run out of money. The boys loved playing in the sand, and didn’t care two hoots if it was raining.

The rain would not put Sam and I off either in the days when we used to go jogging.  Lorries have splashed us from head to toe in the past, and we’ve waved and smiled benignly at them whilst loudly debating their parentage.  These days we still walk about in the rain with a good umbrella, and use the puddles to clean mud from our shoes!  If the rain is ‘stair-rodding’, then I’ll read or carry on writing.

I remember one particularly rainy day when I was about 20.  A chap I was swooning over at the time announced that he would be joining a group of work colleagues going on a 15 mile hike for charity.  Stevie of course volunteered to go along too.  When I turned up it was raining and there was no sign of him, but the show had to go on.  At one point we had to make a rough bridge to cross a shallow stream, and guess who ended up in the water when the bridge collapsed?  Yep, I spent the whole day wet through and miserable, but we raised quite a bit for charity, so all was not lost.

The years have flown and now I’ve a clutch of grandchildren, who all need amusing if I’m looking after them on a rainy day in the school holidays. With the girls (aged 9 and 11) we would grab umbrellas and go shopping, as they love spending Nanny’s money in our town centre.  With the boys (aged 2 and 4) we would spend much time on the floor crashing cars about, or drawing and painting.  Sometimes they even sit still so that I can read them a story, but hey, they’re little boys with boundless energy, and sitting still is boring.  They also like splashing in the puddles outside – lots of fun!

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