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Since Sunday brings us a brand new calendar year, I thought it might be fun to look back in history and read about women who changed the world.  I hope you enjoy the list and lets make 2017 the year we continue to go out and change the world for the good of all BECAUSE WE KNOW “WOMEN ROCK”.


A list of famous influential women, including women’s rights activists, poets, musicians, politicians, humanitarians and scientists courtesy of Biography on line.

sappho3Sappho (circa 570 BCE) One of the first known female writers. Much of her poetry has been lost but her immense reputation has remained. Plato referred to Sappho as one of the great 10 poets.

cleopatra21Cleopatra (69 BCE–30 BCE) The last Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra sought to defend Egypt from the expanding Roman Empire. In doing so she formed relationships with two of Rome’s…

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