1.  Joanna Cabot writes about why ebook blogs are at risk:

Why ebook blogs are at risk

2.  Kimberley Cooper tells us how to grow our mailing list with Instafreebie:

Growing Your Mailing List with Instafreebie

3.  Check out Jean Cogdell’s blog on how to use Google forms if you’re unsure:

Do you know how to use Google forms?

4.  Debbie Young at the Self-publishing Advice Centre reminds us about updating our social media profiles etc:


 5.  Seumas  Gallacher asks – ‘Are marketing and free Amazon promos worth it?’:

…self-publishing Authors… are marketing and free Auntie Amazon promos worth it?…

6.  Kristen Lamb writes about the hard truth of publishing:


7.  ‘Big Al’ instructs on how to set up a Facebook author page for beginners:


8.  Jean Cogdell lets us know why authors need a unique Gravatar:

Why you need a unique Gravatar

9.  Janice Wald at Mostly Blogging tells us of 87 common blogging mistakes:


Thanks to Don Massenzio, Chris, the Story Reading Ape, Writer’s Treasure Chest, Blondieaka, and Cow Pasture Chronicles for the re-blogs.