Last day today to purchase my psychological thriller ‘REPENT AT LEISURE’ at the reduced price of $0.99 / £0.99.  There are currently 6 positive reviews on


Paul wakes up to find a mysterious woman in his bed, but has no memory of how she got there.  Cat Taylor worms her way into Paul’s life and eventually moves into his Edinburgh flat. This arrangement suits Paul quite well — until he meets the love of his life Anita Fairfax.  Paul wants Cat to go, but discovers that she has no intention of moving out.

Soon after, Cat is found dead in Paul’s apartment. Despite little evidence, the police suspect him of murder. Anita stands by her new husband, but doubt creeps in as his behaviour becomes increasingly erratic and violent.

“Told through alternating perspectives, Repent at Leisure is a masterfully written, engrossing psychological thriller.”

My romance ‘A RATHER UNUSUAL ROMANCE’ will be also reduced in price to $0.99 / £0.99 until 3rd January.   There are currently 23 positive reviews on


Erin Mason, divorced and with two teenage sons, finds her world falling apart when she’s diagnosed with cancer. Not too far away somebody else, Alan Beaumont, is also suffering a similar fate.

Their paths slowly come together in this inspiring tale, which is partially based on actual events, and shows how love can flourish in the most unlikely of circumstances.

“You can tell that Stevie Turner really poured her heart onto each and every page. She mixed in angst and true heartwarming stories into just a wonderful well rounded book. Romance usually isn’t my thing but my wife loved this book so much I had to read it and I’m glad I did.”

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