Happy New Year!  This week we’re talking about that old chestnut ‘New Year resolutions’; have we made any or not?

The last time I made any New Year resolutions was back in 1995.  I was 38, quite overweight, and felt dreadful.  I was determined that 1996 was the year that I got back into shape.  I was also suffering from migraines, which caused disturbances of vision.

I started walking the 2 miles around my village every day, and occasionally breaking into a trot.  The subsequent shin splints I suffered were very painful, and stopped me jogging properly for months.  By the time spring came around they had gone, and I was able to jog the 2 miles every morning before I went to work.  It meant me getting up at 5am to do some stretches beforehand, but I’m an early riser, and it was only 45 minutes earlier than I normally got up anyway.

I also gave up eating cheese and chocolate, and having caffeinated drinks.  The migraines disappeared, and I had lost a stone in weight by the end of the summer.  I felt heaps better, and carried on jogging until 2006 when the knees told me they didn’t want to do it anymore!

Since 1995 I’ve never been quite as focused regarding making and keeping other resolutions, so I think I’ll have another go.  I’ll try re-blogging a self-published author’s blog every day that I’m online, and which I think might help other authors too.  Taking into account a 2 week break in February due to a holiday, hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up for the whole of 2017 and beyond.

Have my fellow blog hoppers made any resolutions?  Click on the blue button below to find out…

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