Scrolling through the BBC News app, this heartwarming story by BBC Edinburgh and East reporter Angie Brown caught my eye:

Due to a divorce 13 years before, 54 year old Jimmy Fraser is now a homeless man who lives and begs on the streets of Edinburgh.   Just before Christmas Jimmy was asked for directions by two Swedish tourists, Annis Lindkvist and her sister Emma.  The ladies struck up a friendship with Jimmy, and they swapped numbers before flying home.

However, Mrs Lindkvist then paid for a passport for Jimmy and a aeroplane flight.  Jimmy told the BBC Scotland news website: “The next thing I knew I was on a plane to Sweden.” Mr Fraser flew out on 21st December and returned on 27th December.  During the trip spent with Annis Lindkvist and her family, he was taken to an ice hockey match, visited Christmas markets and attended midnight mass.

Mrs Lindkvist, 37, lives in the Swedish town of Sagmyra with her husband and three children, and works in a retirement home for people with dementia.  She said: “I have never felt like this before for a homeless person.  My mother was crying when he left, and my children have been asking every day when he is going to come back.  There is a big place in my heart for him.  I had my doubts, but sat up late one night and spoke to him.  I could have been a killer just like he could have been, but I just had a feeling in my stomach that he was a really nice person.”

Mrs Lindkvist has invited Mr Fraser back for Easter, and described him as ‘part of the family now.’

Isn’t that a lovely story!  It really goes to show that not everybody is just looking out for number one.