This week we’re writing about which moment in history we would have liked to witness:


For me I think I would have liked to be one of the 100,000+ people who saw the moment on 31st May 1911 when Robert Falconer Keith, Head Foreman Shipwright at the Harland and Wolff shipyard, released the hydraulic launching triggers which allowed the RMS Titanic to slip down 772 feet into the Victoria Channel in Belfast Lough in the space of 62 seconds.  Of course I would also have liked to be at Southampton docks on 5th April 1912 at the start of Titanic’s fateful maiden voyage to New York.

I recently saw a TV programme about the Titanic.   Apparently a new fact has come to light that had been previously hushed up.  A fire had burned in one of the coal bunkers for 3 days before Titanic departed from Southampton.  The stokers had managed to shovel all the coal out from the burning bunker into the boilers by the time the ship sailed, but the wall of the bunker had been damaged by heat.  It was this part of the hull which had buckled on hitting the iceberg.  A photo album which had lain in somebody’s attic for years showed photos of the damage – a long black mark on the hull of the ship.  Hmm…maybe if this part of the hull had not been damaged then Titanic would have eventually arrived at her destination …..?

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