1. Chuck Sambuchino gives 38 query letter tips:


2.  Writer’s Digest tells us of 2 literary agents seeking submissions:


3.  Are you writing a thriller?  Publisher Bloodhound Books are looking for submissions:

Bloodhound Books open for submissions!

4.  Colin Dunbar asks ‘Is it possible to publish a book for free?’


5. Gordon Long at Indies Unlimited says ‘Design your book to sell’:


6. Written Word Media gives us the top 10 trends in publishing that every author needs to know:


7.  Blonde Write More gives us 10 things her creative friends have taught her about blogging (I especially like the one that begins ‘If you aren’t in the arena…’):

10 Things My Creative Friends Have Taught Me #Monday Blogs #BloggingGals #AmWriting

8.  Andrew Joyce introduces Sunrise Editing Services via Chris, the Story Reading Ape’s blog:

Introducing: Sunrise Editing Services…

9.  Thanks to Rachel Poli for these Jan/Feb writing contests:

January/February 2017 Writing Contests

10.  Inspirational post by Pearls Before Swine:

Prepare for Your Success – Part 1

11.  True North Nomad gives 6 tips for newbie bloggers:

Six Tips for Newbie Bloggers

Thanks to Don Massenzio, Writer’s Digest, How To Ebook, Writer’s Treasure  Chest, Barbara Roman, and Lizzie Chantree for the re-blogs.