First one today is Colin Guest’s ‘Terror Holiday’, which is currently free on Barnes & Noble.  The story is based on the recent coup attempt in Turkey on July 15t,h 2016 and a fictitious English family’s frightening holiday experience during this time.


Next, on sale today and tomorrow is ‘Blue Lady’s Sweet Dreams’ by Stephany Tullis, down from $1.99 to $0.99.


When a small town well-respected political operative is forced by her disgruntled mother to move into the family home to care for her ill father, her dreams become nightmares and her nightmares reality.

Harassed by her mother and overwhelmed by her father’s non-stop caretaker schedule, Angelica Mason’s daydreams become as unnerving as her bewitching nightmares.  Does she imagine that her boss fires her? Did she quit her job and tell her boss to ‘stuff it’?
Does the love of her life back-stab her?  Does an enchanting Prince Charming appear on her doorstop with a pair of platinum-lined glass slippers; perfect size 8?  Is she hallucinating that he rescues her?

Or is the enchanter the hazel eyed FedEx man who demands her signature for a mysterious package?

Just what can a girl do when her dreams become nightmares and nightmares her reality?

Linda de Quincey has Roma: Charlie and Poppy (book 1) on sale at $0.99/£0.99  until February 12th:


If you, as a very small child, were removed from the only culture and constant you knew, how would you feel?  If you, as a child, knew nothing of your past, would that be even worse?  If you, as a child, were forced to live with a monster, how would you survive?

Charlie is orphaned after his entire Romany family perish in an accident. He is forced to change his name and beliefs by his adoptive parents. He finds an ally in a foundling named Poppy. After years of neglect and abuse, Charlie and and Poppy hatch a plan to reclaim their lives.

This harrowing story is testament to the will of children — and their powerful need to survive and to love.

Based on true events.

Lastly, Catherine Lockwood’s book ‘The Girl Behind the Painted Smile’ is on sale until February 12th. This book is also based on true events:


With alternative, non religion-based 12 steps… Originally published January 2014 – Now republished.

*Since this book was written, many of Cathy’s troubled relationships with family and ex-partner have improved immensely and many old wounds have been healed. These people were also somewhat damaged and somewhere the cycle must be broken. In most cases it has – bar one or two relationships from earlier adulthood. Things have definitely changed direction and concluded happily…

Cathy’s life is spiralling out of control. Deeply scarred by a childhood of maternal neglect, she attempts to find solace in self-harm and delinquent behaviour. Before long, she is addicted to alcohol.

Hidden behind a painted smile, Cathy begins a promising career as an actress and model, rubbing shoulders with royalty and the rich and famous. But Cathy is her own worst enemy and her continued dependence on alcohol hurtles her down a path of self-destruction. She endures a string of disastrous relationships, anorexia, poverty and almost loses her children.

In this harrowing story, Cathy never loses her sense of humour and is determined to win the battle with the bottle, and herself.