This week we’re talking about our five favourite foods that we cannot live without.

I’ve never been a ‘foodie’, and was brought up with the motto ‘eat to live’ rather than ‘live to eat’.  Biscuits and cake were rationed as a child; I was forbidden to eat more than three biscuits at a time (“to stop your gut expanding”). Mum always drummed it into me that nobody needs to eat anything after 6pm, and I have kept to this for the majority of my life.  Plus the fact that I have a dairy and caffeine intolerance, and you end up with somebody who only thinks about food when she’s hungry.

I don’t eat the usual things that people love.  I don’t have a sweet tooth, and turn up my nose at anything icky-sweet.  I haven’t eaten chocolate,  cheese or biscuits for more years than I can remember, but I’m lucky in that I don’t feel as though I’m missing out.  I only drink water, green tea or fruit teas.  I’m a nightmare to take out anywhere, and prefer to eat at home.

So, I’ll try to answer the question about my favourite 5 foods.  I cannot say that I crave any foodstuff in particular, but I do like (unbattered) plaice or salmon, lamb or chicken casseroles with loads of vegetables and dumplings, roast potatoes, pineapple, and thick doorsteps of hot buttered toast.

I can (and do) live without sweets, chocolate in all forms, eggs, cheese, cow’s milk, chips, crisps, and fry-ups.  I rarely drink alcohol, but think nothing of it.  My worst evening out would be spending it sitting in a restaurant or in a pub.  My last meal out was in 2014 when Sam and I went out for a Valentine’s meal and he ended up fainting in the chair after eating lobster soup!  If I come and visit you, I will bring my own teabags.  The family have got used to me now, but I’ve often received the evil eye from non-family members after producing a lemon and ginger or a rooibos teabag.

Oh dear, perhaps you’d better not ask me to tea!

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