What a shame that Ms Watters is closing down her blog. However, she is right in that bloggers need to frequently post new content. This is difficult, but I’m sure it’s the way forward to gain new and interested followers. Re-blogs are fine, but if everybody is re-blogging the same posts, then…

Carly Watters, Literary Agent

Hi everyone, it’s been a great 6 years of blogging, but it’s time to end the party.

My advice to all writers regarding social media and blogging is that if you can’t post consistently with new content then it’s not worth it–and I’m taking my advice! I will leave it up so that you can still read the articles for information.

Thank you to my 3,000 blog followers–and 80,000 visitors a year!– for engaging with me and asking great questions.

Here are some of my top posts from over the years:

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On characters

On category and genre

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On personalizing your query to agents

On your first page

Did you have any favorite posts over the years? Let me know in the comments.

Moving forward, I’m taking the energy I was using on blogging and spending it on my other…

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