I’m pleased to announce  ACX has informed me that the audio version of For the Sake of a Child is now ready and available for purchase today.  I’d like to thank narrator Janine Haynes for a superb job, especially with Larry’s Liverpudlian accent!

For the Sake of a Child 3.jpg


ACX will be sending me 25 free codes, and so if anybody has an Audible. co.uk account and would like a code, please contact me and I will send you one.  First come, first served.

Also I’d like to thank Sandra Garston for narrating Lily: A Short Story.  The audio book was published just before Christmas, and already has one 5 star review:

Lilly Audio JPG - Sandra Garston.jpg


I’m going to chase up the free codes for this one, as I never received them.  Please leave a comment if you would like an Audible.co.uk code.

Janine is now narrating ‘Repent at Leisure’.