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5.0 out of 5 stars Intelligent and witty By J. Jonas on 14 Dec. 2016

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I have come to expect a well-constructed, intelligently-written book from this accomplished author, and Waiting in the Wings ticks all the right boxes. The story of the author’s rollercoaster relationship with her mother is told with honesty. She regrets that she cannot say the words, ‘I love you,’ to a mother who has been exasperating and difficult to deal with, even in her vulnerability and defiance as she clings to her independence and refuses professional care help. Although the author can’t say the words, we see through her daily actions and patience, the love and compassion that lie beneath.

I applaud the author’s courage in writing so openly about her family, laying bare her thoughts about them. It takes guts to do that, and it takes excellent writing to put across a tale that is absorbing, funny and poignant.  Waiting in the Wings achieves all that.  I felt as if I knew the characters as much as my own family, which is due to the power of the dialogue, the narration, and the descriptive passages.  I became the fly on the wall, observing events as the author explored the past and the present, combining her life story with that of her mother.  The flashbacks are never confusing. The book drew me in, held my attention, and had me laughing aloud at some of the characters’ antics.  Highly recommended on so many levels, not least for the portrayals of heartache, comedy, and a willingness to allow love and wit to prevail.

 P.J MacLayne’s ‘The Marquesa’s Necklace’ is just $0.99/£0.99 at the moment:

Harmony Duprie enjoyed her well-ordered life in the quiet little town of Oak Grove—until her arrest for drug trafficking. Cleared of all charges, she wants nothing more than to return to the uneventful lifestyle of a historical researcher she once savored.

But when her beloved old car “George” is stolen and explodes into a ball of flames, it sets off a series of events that throws her plans into turmoil. Toss in a police detective that may or may not be interested in her, an attractive but mysterious stranger on her trail, and an ex-boyfriend doing time, and Harmony’s life freefalls into a downward spiral of chaos.

Now she has to use her research skills to figure out who is behind the sinister incidents plaguing her, and why. And she better take it seriously, like her life depends upon finding the right answers.

Because it might.

of 5 stars The Marquesa’s Necklace is a Captivating and Delightful Read!

on August 2, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I was enthralled by the story line of The Marquesa’s Necklace – it’s not just a page turner, but a chapter turner. And I absolutely loved Harmony Duprie as the lead character. Harmony is one smart cookie, but even though she can be sweet on the outside, she has the chops to outwit her enemies and enact tough responses to their malicious attacks. My only complaint is that the book was so much fun to read, I finished too quickly. Could we have more Harmony Duprie please?
Amy Reade’s ‘Secrets of Hallstead House’ is on sale at $0.99/£0.99 until March 5th:

“You are not wanted here. Go away from Hallstead Island or you will be very sorry you stayed.”

Macy Stoddard had hoped to ease the grief of losing her parents in a fiery car crash by accepting a job as a private nurse to the wealthy and widowed Alexandria Hallstead. But her first sight of Hallstead House is of a dark and forbidding home. She quickly finds its winding halls and shadowy rooms filled with secrets and suspicions. Alex seems happy to have Macy’s help, but others on the island, including Alex’s sinister servants and hostile relatives, are far less welcoming. Watching eyes, veiled threats. . .slowly, surely, the menacing spirit of Hallstead Island closes in around Macy. And she can only wonder if her story will become just one of the many secrets of Hallstead House. . .

5.0 out of 5 stars Delightful discovery!

on April 22, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
When I was younger, I read Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney books all the time. I have looked in vain for other authors who write similar books. I am so pleased that I found Ms Reade. I could not stop reading this book, I enjoyed the pacing and the characters very much. Some plot twists seemed sudden but I was not able to figure out the ending. It was a clean story and no overt violence. I am anxious to read other books by this author.