Enjoyed reading the interview and Stephen Bentley’s book. Here’s my review: https://steviet3.wordpress.com/2016/09/29/stevies-review-of-undercover-operation-julie-the-inside-story/

D.E. Haggerty

Mystery Thriller Week continues with an exciting interview with Stephen Bentley, author of Operation Julie – The Inside Story, a true crime memoir you not going to want to miss

banner3%20for%20gmailUndercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story is a memoir of your time as an undercover officer. What made you decide to write this memoir?

 It is a book that has been in my head for so many years; the old adage about “everyone has a book within them” was certainly true in my case. The trouble was initially I didn’t know how to write it. I started and stopped so many times until I discovered how to write.

Operation Julie is still a “big deal” in the UK and still one of the largest drug busts in that country. News articles about it still crop up on a frequent basis and I became somewhat annoyed at some of…

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