I was leafing through my village magazine yesterday, and I came across this amusing quote from the late Dorothy Fuldheim, an American journalist and anchor, who spent the majority of her career in Ohio working for The Cleveland Press and WEWS-TV.  She also wrote a book ‘Three and a Half Husbands’.

“Youth is a disease from which we all recover.”

How lovely though to be that ‘typical’ 15 or 16 year old, certain that you will never become ill or die, and knowing for a fact that none of your loved ones will either.  You haven’t been battered by whatever life has thrown at you, and you see the good in everybody.  The world is at your feet, and you have your life ahead of you to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.  All you have to worry about are the spots on your face, and whether or not you can attract the attention of the opposite sex.  Mum and Dad, although they’re stupid, are always there to hand out money and sort any problems out.

The trouble with being 15 or 16 is that it doesn’t last.  All too soon you are 25 and then 35, maybe struggling with a mortgage while trying to feed a young family.  Your career might not be going in the direction you want it to, and Mum and Dad could possibly be retiring and might also have health problems.

Would you want to be that 15 year old again?  Well, maybe for just a day or two might not be too bad, but I wouldn’t want a re-run of the whole 45 years afterwards unless I could somehow know then what I know now!

How about you?  Would you want to be 15 again?