I’ve been following a story on our local news since September, which has now made the national news.  Corrie McKeague, a 23 year old airman from RAF Honington who was due to become a father soon, disappeared in Bury St Edmunds after a night out with friends and after having been asked to leave a nightclub at 01:00.  He was last seen last on CCTV in the early hours of September 24th 2016  walking towards an area known as The Horseshoe in the centre of Bury St Edmunds, where there were several bins due to be emptied.  He had previously slept in a shop doorway for a couple of hours.

CCTV cameras caught him walking into The Horseshoe around 03:25, but he was never seen coming out or in fact was ever seen again, although his mobile phone was found in a skip in the Cambridge area.  A bin lorry eventually emptied the dustbins and took them to a landfill site near Cambridge.  An extensive but futile search for Corrie was soon underway, which has lasted right up until the present moment.  Early in 2017 Corrie’s grandparents put up a £50,000 reward for his whereabouts, but nobody ever came forward.

Recently there was an update on the 6 o’clock news.  Police had now started searching the landfill site where the bin lorry driver had tipped his load.  Apparently police investigations found that there had been a discrepancy in the weight of the rubbish unloaded.  Instead of the expected 1 st 3lb of debris, it had been discovered after 6 months that the weight of the rubbish had actually been 15 st 3lbs, unusual at the time.

My theory is this:  I may be wrong, but I think Corrie, worse for wear for alcohol, climbed into one of the bins for an uninterrupted sleep, maybe having been moved on from the shop doorway by the police.  The driver of the bin lorry, not aware that Corrie was inside with the rubbish, had automatically loaded and crushed the contents of the bin and tipped it onto the landfill site without a thought.  Maybe the operator of the weighbridge passed the unusual 15 st 3 lbs off as an aberration  and a fault of the weighbridge, and altered the weight to a more acceptable 1 st 3lbs?  I cannot say for certain, but to me it seems the logical explanation.

Police are still searching the landfill site as I write.  Scented air is pumped around them to make the grisly task just a little bit more pleasant.  Corrie’s poor partner and mother both wait at home for a phone call.  Such a sad, sad tale, and a warning to all of the dangers of over-indulgence of alcohol.