Thanks to Don Massenzio for these writing tips.

Author Don Massenzio

tip 11Tip 11: Make your characters believable

Give your character a quirk or something that makes them unique. Maybe she’s a chronic nail biter. Maybe he has a unibrow. Maybe a stutter or a limp will give them something that makes them memorable and believable.

secret-emoticon-265Tip 12: Give your character a secret or something hidden in their past

Think of Batman. He is a superhero/vigilante because he saw his parents murdered when he was young (spoiler alert). Your character is motivated to do what he or she does by the experiences from their past

Tip 13: Give your character a fault

Realism in a character comes with them wrestling with some sort of demon. Maybe they’re an alcoholic or a recovering drug addict. Maybe they secretly like to where diapers. Give them something that they are struggling with.

Details_magazine_logo.svgTip 14: Spread out the details about your character

I know authors that make up…

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