Amidst all my sorrow, this week has ended on a good note.  My thriller ‘Repent at Leisure’ has won third place in the Drunken Druid Book Award Competition.  I’ll be back on Monday to answer any comments. x

The Drunken Druid Awards consist of a Gold (1st Place), Silver (2nd Place) & Bronze (3rd Place) literary prize awarded each year for the best original full-length fictional novel. This peer-reviewed Book Award was established in 2013 to bring increased recognition to a deserving title published by independent or established authors. Along with a cash prize and a strictly limited edition seal, the winning book is remembered by its extraordinary quality of writing and its unique ability to break the mould as a one of a kind novel. Titles are nominated on the basis of ‘high literary merit’ of creative authors. The competition encompasses all fictional genres into one, making The Drunken Druid Award unique in its coverage of international fiction. The judges are totally independent and make their choices purely on their own judgement of the titles merits against the criteria. It is also a mark of distinction for authors to be selected for inclusion in the short-list.