Sam and I caught the 12.30 ferry over to Fishbourne on Saturday, in order for me to finally sign on the dotted line and take possession of a holiday home I’ve been wanting for years. I thank my late mother a thousand times for this gift, and I hope it will give our family great enjoyment for years to come.  The Isle of Wight has been a second home to us for many years and now we can nip over there whenever we want.

I must admit, sitting on the decking with a cup of green tea is infinitely preferable to laying supine in a scanner.  At least I get weekends off for a little bit of R&R!  Our granddaughters cannot wait to stay in it and use the park’s swimming pool and sit on the beach, but they do not like the sound of the 5 hour car journey from door to door.  I told them that the phrase ‘Are we there yet?’ is not allowed in the car.  My sons used to ask the same thing, to which I always replied: “When we get there, then we’ll be there.  Until then, we won’t.”

We had a day and a half to enjoy our home from home.  There’s only a short walk to the beach and to the park’s facilities.  Due to the slight chill in the air the park was only about a quarter full, but in August they open up extra fields for campers and motorhomes.  Thankfully the owners are allowed to use the swimming pool in peace every morning between 9am – 10am!

It’s a new venture for us.  We’re not allowed to use it as a permanent address, but can live there for quite a few months of the year if we like. There’s Wi-Fi only in the clubhouse, and so I have to take time off from keeping up with social media (what a shame) when I’m over there.  I came back tonight to 450 emails!

I’m also going to extend that break to blogging until I’m feeling totally fit again.  I’ll still write the occasional post, but not every day.  Radiotherapy is very tiring, and I’ve decided to take my friend Clive’s advice and take it easy.  There’s more to life than sitting glued to a screen all day!   Yes life is short, and I’ve seized the day.  Hopefully I’ll have many years to enjoy it, but if not, then I’m going to make the most of it now before one foot hovers over the grave!