Just had to share this lovely post written by Lauren Turner on the BBC News App yesterday.  It struck a chord with me, as on Saturday I’ll be taking my mother’s ashes on a journey of their own.

David Hardy had run a butchers’ shop for more than 30 years in the town of Ilkeston, and had been delighted to learn that Ilkeston’s railway station was due to re-open.  For 50 years the town had carried on with no train service, making it one of the largest UK towns without a railway station.

David unfortunately died in November 2015 without ever seeing the station re-open, as the project had been delayed  by many problems.  Last Sunday the first train pulled out of the station, and on the train were David’s grandson James with his partner.  Next to them on its own chair were David’s ashes in a special casket.  James and his partner travelled with David’s ashes to Nottingham where the pair had dinner, and then they and the ashes returned.

James was pleased to be able to give his grandfather the ride on the train that he had always wanted.

Isn’t that lovely?  This weekend Sam and I will take Mum’s ashes to sprinkle on my grandmother’s East London grave.  Dot hated Suffolk, and it only seems right that she gets to rest in the East End that she loved and yearned for throughout the whole of her 92 years.