I am pleased to be able to feature Colin Guest’s new book ‘For the Greater Good’ on my site today.

Colin Guest


When Jeff, a specialist in Black Operations, learns his brother has died while in police custody in Yemen, he wants answers. While he is in Yemen he gets involved in a plot to assassinate the self proclaimed president, as it seems this will benefit both the country and world peace and be for the greater good of all concerned.  He carries this out by use of a new and deadly effective method … using his skills to adapt innocent toys.

Colin Guest was born in England in 1940, and became an expat worker in 1993, specialising in high-class interior fit-outs. After obtaining a contract down on the Mediterranean Coast in 1988, he had a house built, and lived there until after his wife’s death in 2007. He is now married to a Turkish lady and lives in Istanbul. His first book, “An Expats Experiences of Living in Turkey,” recently re-published, covers his living in Turkey for over 25 years. His second book, “Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps,” is intended to help readers discover that there is more to life than a boring 9-5 job. Although a memoir, it reads more like an adventure story, covering numerous life- threatening, crazy and hilarious incidents, which occurred while he lived a life most only dream. Colin’s latest publication, “Terror Holiday,” is based on events during the recent attempted coup in Turkey in July 2016.

Apart from writing books, Colin had an article published in a UK expat magazine, and over twelve articles published in online magazines. In between writing books, Colin also writes poems, with several well placed in online contests. Due to his deep concern about nature and the environment, Colin supports several organisations including, Sea Shepherd, and Care for the Wild/Born Free, with his adopting a tiger for the past ten years. After working as a volunteer at Wildlife Rescue/Rehabilitation centers in South Africa and Thailand, he recommends this as a way of giving something back to nature.

You can check out Colin Guest’s website by clicking on the link below: