I haven’t been too active on social media this week as I’m into the 5th week of radiotherapy and one of the side-effects (among many) is that I really can’t be bothered to do much writing or blogging at all.  However, here’s a few blogs to help writers that I have seen when I can stay awake long enough…!

1.  Jawad Khan on ProBlogger gives us 3 techniques to build our email lists:


2.  Interesting blog by Roz Morris regarding self-published/traditionally published books:


3.  G. L Cromarty tells of the benefits for writers of using Scrivener:

8 Reasons why Scrivener is my writing tool of choice #amwriting #writing #writingtools #Scrivener

4.  Beth Bacon at DBW writes about the audio book boom:


5.  Thanks to Barb Drozdowich for this info about networking on Goodreads:

6 Ways for Indie Authors to Use Goodreads to Network…

6. Thanks to Writing Insight Success for this blog on editors’ skills:


7.  Dan Alatorre gives 3 tips for a successful book promotion:

3 Tips For A Successful Book Promotion

8.  Lindsay tells us of some writing mistakes that newbie bloggers make:


Thanks to HowToEbook, Firefly 465, and Chris the Story Reading Ape for the re-blogs.