No, that’s not me in the featured image, but instead here I am in my front garden after 24 rounds of radiotherapy, and …guess what?  I have a WAIST!  I haven’t had a waist since about 1965, and so I’m thrilled to see that it’s decided to appear again after such a prolonged absence.


I can thoroughly vouch for radiotherapy as an effective weight-loss tool.  You will be nauseated quite often and have a constant sensation of hot salt in your mouth, but hey, if you can cope with that, you’ll see the results of your efforts in only 6 short weeks.  You’ll also totally lose any liking for sugary foods that you had before.

To add to this miracle, my left knee, which was showing signs of wear and tear before the treatment, is now as agile as a 16 year old’s as it now doesn’t have to carry the equivalent of 5 x 2lb bags of  sugar.

After this evening’s zapping there’ll be another 5 more to go. Sam has started singing ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’