Here’s a few goodies for writers I’ve found this week.  Soon be up and running as normal – only another 4 journeys along the A14 to go and then I am DONE with hospitals and doctors for a few months at least…

1.  Mostly Blogging gives us 17 tips to generate more traffic to our blogs:

2.  Janice Wald at Mostly Blogging gives advice on how to boost blog traffic from StumbleUpon:

3.  Andrew Joyce shows that hitting the bestseller lists can be done if you work hard at it:

4.  Judy Cullins gives some info regarding power words:

5.  Thanks to Rachel Poli for these May/June writing contests:

May/June 2017 Writing Contests

6.  Thanks to my fellow Creativia author Sahara Foley for this list of free Creativia books up until 15th May 2017:

7.  Brave and Reckless gives some tips on gaining more WordPress followers:

Brave and Reckless’Advice for New WordPress Bloggers– Part 1

8.  Diane Tibert gives 5 words that will weaken sentences:

5 Words that Weaken Your Sentences

9.  Thanks to Meeka’s Mind for these tips on publishing via Word and CreateSpace:

Thanks to Chris, the Story Reading Ape, Annette Rochelle Aben, and Jean M. Cogdell for the re-blogs.