This Tuesday Newsday I thought I’d share some of my own news.  Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of my radiotherapy treatment.  I’m feeling pretty naff, as we Brits say, but the realisation that after tomorrow I won’t need to attend that bloody hospital anymore until my review in a fortnight’s time is enough to fill me with untold joy.

While I’ve been sitting at home naffing about and feeling naff, I finally managed to finish re-writing The Porn Detective, my debut novel from 2013, taking in everything I’ve learned over the past 4 years.  Back in February 2013 after an agonising week of waiting for the powers-that-be to make their mind up, the first edition was eventually turned down by one of  the London literary agencies.  I’ve re-written it, so guess what?  I’m sending the second edition back to them again!

Also my publisher Creativia has come up with a new cover for my family drama ‘The Donor’, so I’m sharing it with you below.  Thanks Miika – nice one!  The Donor will be free from 8th – 12th June.

The Donor 3D