I had a good day yesterday, not too many after effects.  After a lovely carvery lunch at the Strand Palace hotel I went with Sam to the Festival Hall to listen to the Glenn Miller band; not the original one of course, but a new one under the musical direction of Ray McVay.  Excellent band, although in my opinion there should have been more clarinets.


I was brought up on Glenn Miller’s music as Dot was a great fan, and to me it’s timeless.  There were a few people in the audience there who by their great age must have been around to see Mr Miller himself in his heyday, but also lots of younger people enjoying the music too.

Here’s a view below taken from the fifth floor of the Festival Hall.  The recent event on Westminster Bridge hadn’t seemed to put the tourists off, although when we walked over Waterloo Bridge Sam made sure we were walking on the side of the pavement facing on-coming traffic!  I was looking at the view along the Thames, but Sam was looking at the cars.  Happily there were no problems yesterday.


Moonlight Serenade always brings tears to my eyes, and yesterday was no exception.  I think Dot must have been there in spirit too, as she would never have missed something like this!  My favourite Glenn Miller songs are Indian Summer, Pennsylvania 65000 and of course Moonlight Serenade.  Such wonderful tunes and such a talented man.  May he rest in peace, wherever he may be.