Hi all,

Today I received an email from Amazon to say that they are considering including ‘A House Without Windows’ in an upcoming promotion in the Kindle Store on Amazon.ca for the whole month of June at a discount that they would determine.  The original price and the discount would be listed on the book’s page.  The discount could be up to 85% off, and royalties would be paid according to the discounted price.  As an aside, they state that they cannot guarantee my book will be featured.

I just wondered how many other authors have taken part in this Kindle promotion?  If you have, did you find it successful?  Also, why only Canada and not a general discount?

This is the first time I’ve been contacted in this way.  A House Without Windows is my best-selling book, but reading through the rules I see that books must be priced between 2.99 – 9.99 CAD before they are able to be discounted.  This leads me to another question:  Would it be best if all e-books were priced at $2.99 to start with?  Would they all then have an equal chance at this promotion?  Currently all my other books apart from this one are at a lower price.

I’ve told them to go ahead.  I’ve no idea whether I’ll sell hundreds of books or none at all.