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Teacher Alistair Veale is just coasting along in his 20 year marriage to Ann. His two sons Tom and Jake are growing up fast and have their own interests, but he still enjoys a close relationship with 13-year-old daughter Jessie, his ‘Princess’.

When Alistair takes 14 children from his tutor group on a week-long school trip to the Isle of Wight, a new Science teacher, Carly Jessop, goes along to keep an eye on the 6 girls. Alistair notices a growing attraction between himself and Carly, which cannot be ignored.

However, when Alistair and Carly begin an affair the consequences are horrific and far-reaching, threatening not only Alistair’s livelihood, but also his peace of mind and the relationship he has with his own three children.


5.0 out of 5 stars Daydreams Come True

on July 20, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

Only great writers can make daily life rich. Ms. Turner accomplishes making the mundane shine. She provides momentary frissons that climb up your back as Alistair gets led by the proverbial ‘short and curlies’ down a surprisingly unpredictable trail in this heartfelt compact novel. The author foreshadows trouble using hints and suggestions that could be taken either way, brilliantly leading readers and characters down the garden path. “Jeez! Black walls?” Most remarkable about the story of ‘Revenge’ are the unexpected twists and turns that play out in a story of everyday lives shattered and seen through a microscope.

‘Revenge’ just wouldn’t be complete without the scintillating foreplay and warm sex between Alistair in his tryst with red-headed beauty, Carly and then the caring portrayal of rekindled warmth with his wife of 20 years, Ann. Through the protagonist, Alistair’s, eyes, the reader notices the things that most men care about in women. Indecision reigns supreme just as it would in real life.

The reader runs the gamut of an emotional rollercoaster, once siding with Alistair and curious about the reasons for his daughter’s betrayal and then questioning the main character’s motivations. Stevie Turner catches the magic of the commonplace and lets the reader decide. Is this a moral tale, shaming Alistair to get him to behave or are we reading about the devil in disguise? You’ll have to pick it up to see for yourself. A great read. A normal marriage goes bad. The causes seem transparent, but the way we ride through it makes it visceral. Highly recommended! 5 Stars.

New Book Needs Reviews Please!

Hi all, the second edition of ‘The Porn Detective’ is finished and needs some reviews please.  If anybody would like to receive a free copy for reading and reviewing, please leave a comment below.  It’s a family tale and would suit fans of women’s fiction dramas.  I’ve added a synopsis below:

After 30 years of marriage, Frances Andrews is no longer in denial of her husband Martin’s addiction to pornography.  Martin has always told her that watching porn is harmless, and that all men do it.  He also tells her that she is even more addicted to searching out stashes of porn.

Frances is sick of playing mind games and being a porn detective. She tells Martin that their marriage is over and that she has applied to the council for a flat.  She also tells him that she does not want to take part in his sexual fantasies anymore, does not trust him because of secret cameras, lies and past affairs, and does not want to be part of his life.  She tells him quite firmly that his addiction is out of control.

Martin is devastated that his wife wants to leave him, stops looking at porn immediately, and begs Frances to accompany him for marriage guidance counselling. They visit the same person, Rhona, whom they had seen a few years previously.  Frances is adamant that counselling will not change her mind, and that their issues will not be solved by talking about them. She reminds Martin how he has vowed to stop many times before, but has not been able to carry it through.  Martin tells her that her threat to leave him has finally made him come to his senses.

Will counselling bring Martin and Frances back together, or will Frances pluck up enough courage to leave?  Told from both perspectives, The Porn Detective delves into the murky world of porn addiction and the effect it has on a previously happy marriage.