The blog below was written yesterday, but I feel I must also mention my horror at waking up this morning to read of yet another terrorist attack – this time at Manchester Arena, a place we have visited often.  My thoughts today are with the victims and their families.  Will this senseless carnage ever end?


On my BBC News app is a rather sad item of news.  After 146 years, America’s most celebrated circus Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus has staged its final performance in New York.

The company’s train was the primary residence for most of the close-knit community of performers, who hail from 13 different countries.  The decision to close has been due to falling ticket sales and high operating costs.  Also they have had to deal with animal rights campaigners, who are welcoming the decision to close the circus. From the article I could see a picture of a supporter of one of the animal rights groups outside a circus tent dressed as a lion, and holding a placard which stated ‘Bye-bye animal abusers.’

We’ve taken our granddaughters to the circus in past years, and there have always been lots of empty seats.  It occurred to me as I sat and watched the show, that many of the children appeared bored and could not sit still.  Used to modern computer games, iPhones and fast, flickering TV screens, perhaps they feel the circus is old hat and is unexciting?  It’s a sad sign of the times indeed.

I’ve always enjoyed watching the skill of the trapeze artists and acrobats, but can take or leave the clowns.  In fact, one of my granddaughters thought the clown’s face was quite frightening!  I have noticed the rising price of tickets over the years, and perhaps that’s also what is putting people off.

Are you sad to see the end of the circus?  Can it compete with modern day electronic entertainment?  I don’t think it can, and therein lies the problem.