Thanks to Michael Dellert for this blog on how to find that elusive literary agent…


Finding a literary agent is a research project that’s best conducted by you. So, while some ways to find an agent might include: stalking them on social media, soliciting referrals from other writers who have agents themselves, and throwing darts at a cork-board, this is just a starting point. Selecting an agent is a lot like selecting a spouse. You could leave it up to your meddlesome, matchmaking aunt (“he’s handsome, he’s tall, if only he was rich…”), but you’ll probably be happier with the results if you examine the candidates closely for yourself.

A Few Things to Consider

Finding a Literary Agent is like Finding a SpouseDreadful as it seems to those who like to think of themselves as artistes, marketing considerations play a big role in selecting an agent and ultimately getting a traditional publishing contract.

Why? For one thing, because you are marketing your work to the agents. The vast pool of agents…

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