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The terror attack in Manchester on 22nd May has brought forth two  unsung heroes.  Chris Parker, a homeless man living on the streets, was begging in the foyer of Manchester Arena when the bomb exploded.  Instead of running away, he stayed and helped many victims of the attack, comforting a small child who had lost her legs until the paramedics arrived.  He also wrapped up and cuddled a 60 year old woman with serious injuries until she passed away in his arms.

News of his actions went viral.  A fundraising page was set up for Chris, which raised £45,000 in just one day.  Former professional boxer Ricky Hatton tweeted that he wanted to get in touch with Chris to help him.  Chris Parker’s estranged mother Jessica knew it was her son as soon as she heard what he had done.  She contacted the BBC to tell them that she was very proud of him and wanted them to be reunited.  She had not seen him for 5 years, and did not know he was homeless.  She lives 200 miles away in Norfolk, but plans to go to Manchester to find him.

Another homeless man, Steve Jones, was also labelled a hero for helping victims of the attack, pulling nails from the arms and faces of injured children.  The son of West Ham Football Club’s co-chairman, Dave Sullivan, set about finding Steve to offer him a place to live.  Steve met Dave on 5 Live Drive, and said he “loved him to bits for all he’s done.” Dave was of the opinion that Steve deserved to be helped for his selfless acts of kindness.

At least something good has come out of such a terrible tragedy.