Once in a while as you blog away in cyberspace you connect with a like-minded soul or two.  This weekend I was pleased to be able to meet up with Ellen Best (you can check out her blog here https://ellenbest24.wordpress.com/ ) at the Red Rooster music festival, which is held at Euston, Suffolk, near where we both live (Ellen has recently moved to Suffolk and now lives just a few miles away from me).

Ellen told me to look out for a short person with plaits.  I told her to watch for someone with curly hair and mirrored sunglasses.  We found each other by the fountain!

Stevie & Ellen.jpg

For a laugh I gave Ellen’s plaits a tug to make sure they were real (they were!) and we were off chatting straight away, with none of that awkwardness you sometimes have when meeting new people.  We now look forward to being ‘ladies who lunch’ in our local town of Bury St. Edmunds.

It’s the first time I’ve been to the Red Rooster festival.  It’s smaller than the ones we’re used to, and has a lovely family atmosphere. We took our little grandson, who loved the children’s area, and the children’s tickets were free!  When we sat down on the grass for our picnic, an impromptu jamming session took place behind us by musicians who were good enough to be playing on one of the stages.

We’ll definitely go to this festival again.  Also it was great to meet you Ellen!