At the moment one of my books ‘A House Without Windows’ has been reduced in price by Amazon for a promotion on Amazon.CA for the entire month of June.  It’s currently on page 13 of the ‘Featured Deals’ section, which you can check out if you like by clicking on this shortened link:

The question I’m putting to all you writers out there, is how do I promote a book that is only discounted on Amazon.CA?  All the promotional sites I usually feature my discounted books on want details of the Amazon.COM site only.

I’ve sold one book in Canada so far this month, which has pushed the book up the ‘Featured Deals’ section from page 17 to page 13, but if I can find the right site to promote it on perhaps I’ll have more sales which might get it to page 1 (she says hopefully)!

Anybody have an answer for me please?  All comments gratefully received!