This week’s topic is how we schedule our working week.

Well, I think I’ll give you an example from when I worked as a medical secretary, and also an idea of what I do now.

In 2002 I would get up at 05:10 and jog around the village for half an hour, before leaving for work at 06:30.  After arriving at the hospital I would then start typing letters around 07:20 and not counting a half hour lunch break, carry on typing until 3pm.  Then it would be a half hour drive home to start preparing the evening meal, sorting out my sons with their homework, and doing any household jobs.  I did this for years!

Now I’m retired.  I get up when I want to and have a nice 40 minute walk around the village about 08:30, acknowledging anybody I see and generally enjoying the early morning quietness.  Then I return home, make a cup of tea and start checking my social media sites for a couple of hours.  I’ll then have another walk or do some gardening, and in the afternoon I like to write blogs or continue with whatever novel I’m working on.  I like having no deadline to work to, and I’m lucky enough to enjoy a stress- free life. If I don’t fancy doing any writing, then I’ll read or find something else to do.

All I can say, is that I’m really enjoying being retired and having no schedule!

Is your working week packed to capacity, or do you get some free time?  To find out other blog-hoppers’ schedules, please click on the blue button below (you can also add your own blog).

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