Theresa May is saying “Enough is enough” regarding the three recent terrorist attacks; two in London and one in Manchester.  She states that we are experiencing a new trend in the threat we face,  as terrorism breeds terrorism and perpetrators are inspired to attack not only on the basis of carefully constructed plots after years of planning and training, and not even as lone attackers radicalised online, but also by copying one another and often using the crudest means of attack.

Mrs May says that everybody needs to go about their lives as they normally would, and that our society should continue to function in accordance with our values.  We must pull together, and that if we are united we will take on and defeat our enemies.

This is all very well but I’m a realist, and these attackers do not care if they are killed whilst carrying out their evil works.  If they are willing to drive vehicles into innocent pedestrians and be killed in the process, how on earth are we going to stop them?  Unless the police receive a tip off, it is virtually impossible to predict where they are going to strike next. Do members of the public really want to go about their normal business if they work in the heart of London and have to walk over one of the Thames bridges every day or use the underground tube service with the knowledge that an attacker could strike at any time?

Many years ago I used to have to walk over London Bridge every day to go to work.  If I was still in my old job I’m sure I would be mightily fearful.  I must admit these acts of terrorism have entirely put me off from travelling the 100+ miles to the heart of London for a night out at the moment.

How about you?  Would it put you off?  Yes, people are pulling together after the events and even during the tragedies by helping those in distress, which is admirable, but I just cannot see how we can pull together to stop these assassins before they strike unless there is a tip-off, or somebody has that particular gift of foresight.  The police did a grand job on London Bridge at the weekend, and they have found out who the latest perpetrators are and are investigating their networks.  However, if anyone can just hire a van and drive it into innocent pedestrians whenever they feel like it, then the police have got their work cut out to try and stop them committing another massacre.