I thought I’d remind authors regarding another #PitMad tweet contest tomorrow.  It’s where authors can submit three tweets during the day using the correct hashtags (please see Brenda Drake’s blog here: http://www.brenda-drake.com/pitmad/) about their unpublished, completed manuscript, and hopefully gain the attention of a literary agent.  You can pitch more than one project, but can only send a maximum of three tweets during the day.

If an agent likes/favourites your tweet, then you will be able to send them your manuscript according to their submission preferences (you will need to put PitMad Request:  TITLE) in the subject of the email.  Therefore it’s important not to ‘like’ friends’ tweets showing the #PitMad hashtag, as agents will be requesting manuscripts by ‘liking’ tweets.

The first hashtag that must be attached to your tweet is of course #PitMad.  After that will come two more hashtags according to the genre of your book, information on these hashtags is on Brenda Drake’s blog.

Good luck everyone.  I’ll be pitching my manuscript, so will spend today working out all my tweets!