This is a good one from singer and actress Doris Day:

‘The really frightening thing about middle age is the knowledge that you’ll grow out of it.’

Nowadays we can expect to live to around 80 years of age at least.  Of course there are the exceptions (my dad lived to only 49 and  my mum to 92).  Therefore I would say that middle age starts at 40 years and continues maybe to 60 years.  However, the age of retirement is getting later and later, and is set at the moment at 66.  By the time my sons retire, the goalposts could have been moved even further back to 68 or even 70.

So where does middle age end?  I’m almost 60 and would like it to continue to the usual age of retirement, but we have to draw the line somewhere!  I found out when my mum died that doctors can put ‘old age’ on a death certificate any time after age 75 if the person dies of natural causes, and so there’s a black hole between the ages of 60 and 75 in my opinion.  I would think you could call somebody over the age of 70 elderly, but what about the 60 – 70 year olds?  I certainly don’t feel elderly yet, so I’m going to stretch middle age out to 70!

Where do you think middle age starts and ends?