The Whole of the Moon  by fellow Creativia author Kevin McManus, is a cosy mystery set in Western Ireland in the 1980’s.  Conor Doyle lives and works in England, but returns home to see his family at Christmas and to meet up with his old friends Darrah and Sarah.  He arrives to learn of the death of a well-respected local man, Tom Kearns, who has been killed by a hit and run driver, and that the Gardaí are out in force looking for the culprit.

In-between much ‘craic’ and drinking bouts, Conor begins to see both Darrah and Sarah in a new light, which casts an unwelcome shadow over their friendship.

I read this short book in a couple of days.  The plot is quite enjoyable, although rather slow-moving.  I liked the location descriptions (of which the author has an obvious knowledge), and through these descriptions felt as though I was there.  The ending was disappointing, but overall I do recommend this four star story, which I downloaded as a free giveaway.