This week we’re writing about the next vacation we’d love to take.

Apart from many breaks to seaside resorts in the British Isles, over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to visit various places abroad for holidays; Chania in Greece, Zakynthos in Zante, Alcudia and Costa Brava in Majorca, Binibeca in Minorca, Portinatx in Ibiza, New Orleans, The Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, and many of the Caribbean Islands including Grenada, Dominica and Jamaica.  I’ve also sailed towards The Pitons in St Lucia on a catamaran whilst dancing to reggae music and watching the sun setting.  All these continental holidays have had one thing in common – after a couple of weeks I always look forward to returning home!

Holiday in St. Lucia November 2007 120.jpg

I’m sixty this year, and have had enough of travelling.  To be honest I’m a homebody really, and now prefer my lovely holiday home on the Isle of Wight, which we purchased earlier this year.  Sam and I will be making many trips there this summer by ourselves and also with our grandchildren and/or extended family members.  Here’s a photo of it which I took in April.

Holiday Home

The beach is but a five minute walk away.  It’s not too hot, I don’t need to take my trusty brown medicine to ward off alimentary canal dysfunction (which I’ve had to take to every country I’ve visited so far!), and I can sit on my decking and watch the world go by.  I can cook the type of food I like to eat, and sleep on a memory foam mattress with a memory foam pillow whilst listening to the sea in the background.  Bliss!

Below are the golden sands of Puckpool, which is about a 10 minute drive from our holiday home.


Call me boring, but I don’t care.  The Isle of Wight rules as far as I’m concerned!

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