What a lovely item of news I read on my BBC News app recently.  Tilt Cove, is officially Canada’s smallest town.  It’s located in the Newfoundland/Labrador area, and contains just 4 people.

In past generations Tilt Cove, established in 1813, was a thriving mining town with over 2000 people, but the mine closed down on 1st July 1967 following an accidental collapse.  Residents packed up and left.

Margaret Collins is the Town Clerk and was born and raised in Tilt Cove.  Her brother and sister-in-law are Town Councillors, and her husband Don is the Mayor.  None of them have any plans to leave unless their health starts to suffer as they grow older.

Tilt Cove still has a regular postal delivery, rubbish collection, and road maintenance.

Isn’t it wonderful!  I could get a lot of writing done there…

Could you spend the rest of your life in Tilt Cove, or do you prefer the lure of a big city?