I must admit, I do like Mark Edwards’ psychological thrillers, and his latest creation ‘The Lucky Ones’ is no exception.

The Lucky Ones.jpg


I’m always intrigued by how authors obtain their plots.  Apparently Mr Edwards was sitting in a café and overheard a conversation by two women, which gave him the plot for this page-turning thriller.

Ben Hofland’s life has taken a downward turn.  He is out of work and has been forced to move back to the country village in Shropshire where he grew up.  His wife Megan has left him for Michael Stone, an old friend of Ben’s.  Ollie, Ben and Megan’s son, lives with his dad, but is unhappy and misses London and his mum.  He is also being bullied at his new school.

A few miles away the body of a woman is found, but what is strange about the death is that the woman has a smile on her face.  She has died happy.  Detective Imogen Evans is called in, but soon understands that a serial killer is on the loose as more smiling corpses start to appear.  At the same time Ben’s life begins to improve somewhat; the bullies stop taunting his son, Michael Stone disappears, Ben finds work, and he is attracted to redhead Imogen Evans when she talks to him in the course of her investigations.  However, Ben happiness is short lived as he realises that somebody is watching him…

I must admit I did not guess the killer’s identity.  At one point I did think the plot was a little far-fetched, but it certainly makes for a suspenseful read and there is a good twist at the end.  Well done to Mr Edwards for writing (in my opinion) another 5 star read.  Yet again it just goes to show what the effect of a dysfunctional childhood can have on the resulting adult.