It seems that the identity of the new Doctor Who has made national news.  The big build up started a few days ago when it was revealed that an announcement would be made after the men’s singles final at Wimbledon.

I must admit I was hardly on the edge of my seat to find out who it was.  Doctor Who is a children’s TV programme for goodness sake.  Whoever it was going to be would be acting out a fictional story made up by screenwriters.

Why should this be national news?

In fact I forgot to wait for the ‘earth-shattering’ news after the tennis finished and switched off the TV.  It was only yesterday morning that I saw on the BBC News app that a woman (shock, horror!), Jodie Whittaker, had been chosen for the role.  Apparently this has caused hundreds of thousands of people to join in an on-line debate on Twitter.

All I can say is good for Jodie that she’s got paid work for the foreseeable future, but why the whole scenario should make the headlines I have no idea!  Do people actually think Doctor Who is real?

I’m not knocking the programme or the legions of fans who like to dress up as aliens or daleks and attend Dr Who conventions – hey, whatever floats your boat.  I’m just asking whether you think the identity of an actor playing a fictional TV character in a children’s programme should be on the national news.  What do you think?

The ‘Silly Season’ must have arrived here in the UK.