1.  Lisa Brown at Just Publishing Advice tells us why good grammar is so important:


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3.  Dan Alatorre writes about book pricing:

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4.  Thanks to Jane Friedman for this information on permissions:


5.  Sergey Aliokhin’s guest spot on Jacqueline Liyana’s blog gives 6 steps to identifying your target audience:


6.  Thanks to Rachel Poli for these July/August writing contests:

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7.  Ryan Lanz, guest on Alison Maruska’s blog, gives advice on dialogue tags:

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8.  Jean M. Cogdell tells us how to make our Amazon description stand out:

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9.  Joe Elliott on Jeffbullas.com gives advice on how to build influential connections:


10.  Kristina Stanley gives advice on self-editing:

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Thanks to Don Massenzio, How To EBook,  and Just Olga for the re-blogs.