This post has been scheduled, as I am currently over on the Isle of Wight.

I first came to know Eddie when I used to go out jogging around the village at 05:30 every morning.  Eddie would already be out walking the dog who was always trying to kill me, necessitating Eddie to lay down on the ground on top of the dog until I had run past.

Eddie doesn’t like people.  I know this because he told me so once.  He much prefers the company of dogs, and over the years has never been without one for more than a week or so. During that week he is miserable whilst waiting for his new pooch to arrive from the rescue centre.

Over the years the dogs have come and gone, but Eddie remains the same.  Wearing his beaten up old jacket and woolly hat whatever the weather, Eddie prefers to be outside and alone.  He has weathered-looking features due to decades of working outside as a gardener, and I have only ever seen him without his hat once, when I had to knock on his door for something.  Without his hat he didn’t look like Eddie at all.

Sometimes we meet while I’m out walking and we have a little chat.  Eddie has told me in the past that he’s never needed an alarm clock, as whichever dog he has at the time always licks his face about 5am and wakes him up.  I couldn’t think of anything worse, but it obviously doesn’t bother  Eddie.  All the dogs have always accompanied him to the village pub, where Eddie often sits and soaks for the evening.  He goes there because ‘his dog likes beer’.

Another private person just like Iris, I had no idea for a few years after moving here that Eddie lived with his infirm, wheelchair-bound father.  Nobody ever saw his father as he never left the house, but then one day we were all at the doctor’s surgery at the same time.  Eddie wheeled in Eddie senior, and introduced him.  Now of course his father has long departed this life, and Eddie is alone.  But unlike Iris, he doesn’t seem to mind.

Could you live with just your dog for company like Eddie, or do you need people around you?  I’m happy with no dogs and just Sam around for most of the time during the week, but I do like to see my boys and girls or friends at the weekends.