Today’s topic is ‘What Kind Of Lessons Could Anyone Learn From What You Do In Your Career?’

I’m a medical secretary and have just gone back to work after a 3 year hiatus to recover from cancer treatments.  I previously worked in the Cardiology, Pain Medicine and Dermatology departments, and believe me, you can learn quite a lot from the job I do.  I’ve made a list below, in no particular order, of all the things I’ve learned over a 13 year period while working in these 3 departments.

  • Keep your weight down to prevent joint pains, backache, and heart disease (one consultant used to say that the only way to prevent backache is to have your jaws wired together!).
  • Use a high factor sunscreen on your skin during the summer months.
  • Acceptance of your pain, disease or discomfort is the only way forward.
  • There is no pill on earth that will stop the pain of arthritis.  You have to change your lifestyle instead.
  • Look after your body by exercising daily and keeping the joints mobile.
  • Sitting down all day is bad for you.
  • Keep an eye on changes to your skin/moles.
  • Quit smoking because it clogs up the airways (you only have to listen to my neighbour hacking away every morning to know that’s true – he’s smoked since he was 11).
  • Quit eating high fat foods because they clog up the arteries with plaque, which causes heart failure.
  • Prevention is the key.  Bust your butt to stop getting the disease in the first place!
  • A melanoma is the most aggressive form of skin cancer, and it needs to be diagnosed very early.
  • The more your skin is exposed to the sun without any protection, the more age spots (actinic keratoses) will appear as you get older and the more likely you are to develop skin cancer.
  • Skin cancer can be caused by sunburn suffered decades before.
  • The only way you can move up the waiting list for a procedure is if your pain is due to cancer.  There is no need to keep ringing every 5 minutes saying that your case is urgent.  There’s another 1000 people in pain who are all in the same boat.
  • Add pineapple, ginger and turmeric to your diet to offset arthritis.
  • Pilates will help with lower back pain, but the relief is not instant.
  • Yes, it CAN happen to you.  You are not the exception to the rule unfortunately.
  • Men who take opioid painkillers for a long time might suffer with low testosterone levels.  A low testosterone level could cause a man to have hot flushes, just like a menopausal woman.  Hot flushes are a sign of low hormone levels in both men and women, and nothing else.

I’m now covering holidays and sickness in every department!  I can’t wait to learn more by typing new clinic letters.

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