So it appears the gender pay gap is alive and well at the BBC.  Chris Evans says thank you very much to 2.2 million per year, whereas Claudia Winkleman has to be content with £450,000.

I personally would be content with £450,000, but that’s not the issue here.  Now 5 female presenters at the BBC are suing, and rightly so I think.

I find Chris Evans too over-jolly at 7.30 in the morning, and cannot bear the sound of his voice.  I much preferred Sarah Kennedy’s dulcet tones, but suddenly she was off the air.  I looked forward to her radio show every morning as I drove to work, but haven’t found Chris Evans to be a patch on Sarah Kennedy, and I cannot think why he is paid such a vast amount of money.

We need to have equal male and female salaries in any company if they are doing a similar job.  However, I wonder just how many companies are complying with this?  We need less secrecy regarding pay, and it’s good that the BBC has been forced to reveal just how much their top stars are paid.

For far too long women have been paid less than men and it’s an absolute outrage, but I can think of one workplace where it’s justified.  At the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships men are paid more prize money because they have to play 5 sets.  Women only have to play 2 or maybe 3 if necessary, so in that respect equal prize money doesn’t seem fair.  What do you think?