So many people have the TATT syndrome (Tired All The Time). Foods high in sugars have a lot to do with this. Apart from causing spikes in blood sugar and therefore more insulin to be released to combat this (the resulting trough causes tiredness), they also cause the brain to form more sugar receptors, and therefore the sugar craving/addiction is quickly formed. Sugar should be banned!

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Tired of feeling tired? Being low in energy is the worst, everything feels like a huge chore, and it has you feeling like you want to climb into bed and just be left alone. It’s easy to put tiredness down to lack of sleep due to being so busy, but actually, there are lots of different things that could come into play. Here are just a few reasons you feel constantly drained.

Are you tired of feeling tired? Are you constantly tired? You may feel drained for a number of reasons, including not enough exercise. Pixabay image, CC0 License.

You Don’t Exercise Enough

Exercise is tiring, and after a long day at work, chances are the last thing you feel like doing is hitting the gym. However, while a workout will tire you out, it will also boost your fitness, endurance and strength- and over time will actually make you feel more energized.

You will have…

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